Getting the most out of SHA2017: Volunteer!

July 12th 2017

Angel 0:)SHA2017 would not be possible without the great work of volunteers a.k.a. Angels. Joining this awesome group of people is the perfect opportunity to become a part of SHA2017 and make it even more amazing for everyone involved. Volunteering is also a great chance to meet new people and to get familiar with this phenomenon called a hacker camp. 

To be a volunteer and start doing shifts you only need to do two things:

  • Make your own account in the angelsystem at and let us know there when you plan to arrive and leave (this helps us making sure there are enough drinks and meals for everybody)
  • After arriving visit the volunteerdesk in the Infodesk-Tent, so a volunteer coordinator can mark you as arrived.

During the event, you can participate already if you have one or two hours to spare. Many of the tasks do not need any knowledge besides showing up on time, but are nonetheless vital for SHA2017! Some other tasks may need an introduction which will be provided in time at SHA2017. For all the details see the description of the jobs in the Angelsystem and on This page will get more detailed as the event nears. You can help us by:

  • Serving drinks at the bar,
  • Building up the event with pre-made pretty decorative items,
  • Finding lost toys at the Family Village,
  • Riding on the water as a Ferry Captain,
  • Announcing speakers as a Herald
  • Directing hacker traffic on the roads around the terrain,
  • Patching up humans as a First Aid volunteer,
  • Helping with cooking delicious heaven food
  • and much more...

If you love crafting and working with your hands and muscles, we would love it if you show up for buildup and/or stay for teardown. You can come as early as the July 29th or stay as long as August 11th. Make sure to register in the angelsystem and give us a shout on or on IRC(freenode) at #sha2017-angel,  so we can mark you as arrived in the system so you can register for the buildup shifts of your choice. 

As an angel you will be taken good care of in the Heaven village, where angels and crew live together. Professional and hacker-compatible catering (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) will be present here during the whole event, including buildup and teardown! A sneak preview of what kind of food awaits: Roast chicken served with potato salad, Halloumi and salad wrap with hummus, Beef burgers with choice of toppings, Vietnamese coconut curry, Moroccan couscous, Smoked sausage and Shimp gumbo. All you need to do to join in this feast is  (at least) one volunteer shift for every meal. Oh, and did we mention even during buildup and teardown there will be nice showers and real toilets available the whole time? Really! :-)

Finally, a special reward is given for angels who can't get enough of doing volunteershifts: an awesome limited-edition not-for-sale SHA2017 Volunteer T-Shirt!

If you have any questions please check out our wiki page, drop by on IRC or during the event come see us. We will be waiting for you at the volunteerdesk in the Infodesk-Tent and of course in Heaven!

- Still Helping Anyway 2017

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