Scalability limitations: Buy your ticket soon, 650 remaining!

June 19th 2017

When we began organizing SHA2017, we had no idea which scale to aim for. Because we found Scouting Landgoed Zeewolde, which will be the venue of the event, we were able to delay that decision. As you have seen, this is an amazing field that can hold up to 14.000 scouts. Because we use larger tents, can bring more stuff, and generally take up more space, we estimated the maximum capacity at 5500 hackers.

The time has come for us to send final orders to our suppliers. The number of tickets determines the amount of reservations that needs to be made for all the basic facilities on the field, like toilets & showers, food suppliers, power, and terrain usage (and, of course, the number of badges). Although the terrain has the possibility to scale the event to 5500 people, things like extra showers and toilets are expensive and the actual scale of the event has to be based on the actual ticket sales. Extrapolating what we have so far, we have determined the scale of SHA2017 at 3300 hackers. We now have the number that we need to place the final orders for tents, drinks, datenklos (hier niet poepen a.u.b.), real toilets, etcetera.

At the time of writing, there are approximately 650 tickets left. (Those of you who have been paying attention to the statistics and would have expected a higher number of remaining tickets, please note that there has been a surge in sales after the conference program was released, and that we have to reserve a number of spots for organizers and special cases.)

If the limit is reached, there will be a waiting list. Subscribing to this list will help evaluate if scaling up is still a possibility or not. There are a lot of factors (ex; amount, suppliers, time) that are relevant for such a decision. We simply cannot make any promises, so the only way to be sure of being able to join SHA2017 is to buy a ticket in time.

Be sure to not miss the boat and buy your ticket now.

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