Update on the call for participation

SHA2017 will have content in the form of talks, workshops and installations. The SHA2017 CfP original deadline was February 1st. So far we have received roughly 250 proposals and are in the process of, well, processing. We have already accepted some exceptional proposals and believe there are more out there. Accordingly, we are extending the CfP-deadline to March 31st. Yes, it is bad to reward procrastination, but here we are. This means the CfP remains open and we will continue to curate content in the meantime.  So if you would like to be a speaker at SHA2017, please do propose (https://sha2017.org/cfp)

What does the curation process look like?

- Every proposal gets reviewed in Frab, our event management tool, by the members of Team:Content. Frab allows for "stars" per proposal.

- Proposals that get high marks (four to five stars) clearly have the nearly unanimous "wow-factor", are quickly confirmed and considered to be a good fit for the biggest stage. Since this voting process is effectively anonymous, it also prevents the programme from becoming someone's line-up of favourite speakers.

- We're in the process of confirming these proposals and will be posting about them on our blog in the coming weeks.

- The other proposals get discussed in several subsequent meetings. We are aiming for quality over quantity and would rather have a sparse programme with lots of high-quality talks and long breaks than a crammed programme. It is an open-air hacker festival after all, and there will be plenty of other interesting things happening in the villages and elsewhere on the terrain. Regardless, every substantial proposal without a clear decision during the voting  will be reviewed and decided upon during a meeting of Team:Content. It may be possible that we come back to whoever made the proposal and suggest adjustments.

-  At OHM2013 we overbooked our own stages, which unfortunately led to quite a bit of last-minute rushing to accomodate every confirmed talk. These talks found space for their presentations in the villages. This had an unintended, but fortunate consequence: village content became much more visible and OHM2013  became a federated event. We'd like to see that happen again at SHA (minus the rush) for workshops.Team:Content will collaborate with villages that *want* to have their own stages with events listed in the official programme, especially regarding workshops. To help diversify the range and breadth of content and acceptance decision making, we're encouraging villages to develop their own programmes and will give curators access to Frab for that purpose. If you are involved in a village and would like to host your own stage, please contact Team:Content. (content@sha2017.org)

- Every accepted proposal will be "adopted" by a member of Team:Content who will confirm with and be the Point of Contact for the speaker(s). This may include activities for visa-processing, travel and lodging arrangements etc. for those speakers which require assistance.

- Covering traveling and lodging expenses is capacity-based .We are able to cover some expenses for speakers that otherwise would be unable to come. We have a very modest budget for this through a government subsidy.  We are more likely to consider supporting speakers who work in NGOs in Moldova or Peru than we are employees of Silicon Valley behemoths. However, we will do our best accomodate exceptional speakers who request assistance with travel expenses. Naturally, we will gladly entertain any offers of assistance with our modest budget and put anyone that would like to chip in in touch with our financial departement. 

- Once we have processed all the submissions and given the villages the opportunity to do likewise, there will be a few weekends of planning sessions. With lots of post-its on a wall in an undisclosed location. Which should result in a public programme. And therefore a pretext for all of us to have an awesome time - we hope. So yes, if you're organising a village at SHAH2017 and would like to have content at your village to be part of the programma and/or would be willing to host workshops or small-scale talks, please do get in touch at (content@sha2017.org)