SHA2017 Update

Over the past few months we have been busy in the background organizing SHA2017. You might have seen a tweet or two, but besides that it has been rather quiet. In this blog post we want to give you an update from the orga.

First of all, please keep eye on the website during the 33C3 congress, because we will start selling tickets soon.

Also you will find people from the SHA organization on the CCC congress and we are bringing enough promotional material for you (stickers flyers etc.). Feel free to spread the word of an amazing camp next year or approach us if you have any questions about the camp. If you want to give a talk or know someone who does, please direct them to the CFP:

At this stage in the organization the projectleiding team is working on legal, contractual and permit arrangements that comes with organizing an event like this. Also many teams have started preparations already. A few examples:

  • The badge team is working on an awesome badge!.
  • We have arranged a cool, environmental friendly cardboard tent for you to sleep in ( 
  • Team logistics is planning how to handle all the waste hackers leave behind
  • We have a team that will concern themselves with the Family village and taking care of the future hackers

Have a look at our orga wiki (, if you are interested about the teams. As always, we're definitely looking for more volunteers, please have a look at our "vacancies" here: