Paying it forward part I: limited batch of cheaper tickets for SHA now available

April 6th 2017

Organizing a hacker camp on the scale of SHA2017 is complex and expensive, but some awesome people made it possible for more people to come. The low starting capital and the decision to generally not accept cash sponsoring of SHA2017 did not allow offering cheaper tickets right from the start (see our budget).

Fortunately, the generosity of the community has changed that by purchasing supporter or business tickets. The SHA orga would like to send a big THANK YOU to everyone that bought one of those tickets! 

Every euro of your higher ticket price goes towards making sure people with a smaller budget can join this event as well. Starting NOW, a limited batch of tickets priced at 199,42 euro is now on sale on the ticket shop.

If you can afford the normal ticket or one of the more expensive supporter or business tickets then please buy one of those and keep the discounted tickets available for the people in the community that need them.

The size of the discounted ticket batch, and the frequency of having discounted tickets depends completely on the generosity of people paying more than the standard 250 euro for SHA 2017. It might happen again, but please do not bet on it. Therefore, if you need a cheaper ticket be quick, they might be gone soon!

Additionally, SHA still has the same policy regarding discounts that we did from the beginning. If you still feel that you cannot afford a ticket, please contact us to see how we can work this out.

Happy easter!

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