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SHA2017 is a non-profit outdoor hacker and security conference and run by volunteers. The volunteers operate in smaller teams that organise everything, from the power on the field, to the bar on the terrain and the talks in the lecture tents. Since we're still looking for additional volunteers for the event, this page will provide you with the information on how to join as a volunteer. This is a unique opportunity where you can help organise a large event and obtain valuable skills, but above all have fun.

The main organising information can be found on our organisation wiki. All teams have their pages there where they collaborate on all topics that need to be organised. Communication between the teams happens on mailinglists and in several IRC channels on Freenode (the main SHA2017orga channel can be joined at #sha2017orga).

There is a team with about 85 people that works before the event on making the event happen. If you like to assist with before the event, feel free to have a look at our vacancy list. We have monthly orga meetings until the event on different locations in the Netherlands where we collaborate between the teams.

On the event itself, we're looking for volunteers for smaller tasks. Of course the physical buildup and teardown, but also task like a shift at the bar. We call our volunteers Angels, a common term that is also used at the CCC events. We will have an angel system available with tasks that you can signup for here. If you volunteer a shift, you are taken well care off by a free meal from our volunteer kitchen.

The foundation behind SHA2017, but also earlier events like OHM2013 is IFCAT. IFCAT foundation is the legal vehicle for SHA2017. It has as goal to help hackers to improve the world through technology. We believe that hacker camps help to strengthen the community: it’s a good time, gives energy, fostering new ideas and projects. Information on the IFCAT foundation can be found here.

If you have any questions with regards the organisation, please contact us at

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