Update on the call for participation

Sha2017 will have content in the form of talks, workshops and installations. The SHA2017 CfP original deadline was February 1st. So far we have received roughly 250 proposals and are in the process of, well, processing. We have already accepted some exceptional proposals and believe there are more out there. Accordingly, we are extending the CfP-deadline to March 31st. Yes, it is bad to reward procrastination, but here we are. This means the CfP remains open and we will continue to curate content in the meantime.  So if you would like to be a speaker at SHA2017, please do propose! What does the curation process look like?

Orga, Event & Ticketshop update

During CCC 33c3 we opened the SHA2017 ticketshop. Since the opening we've been working hard organising the event with all the volunteers. You might have seen updates on social media, like the development of the SHA Badge (link to an existing blogpost?), but you might also have noticed the colors on the website change as we start to finalise our visual design for the camp. If you have any questions regarding the event, feel free to contact our infodesk team.

A common question is "How are ticket sales going?". The ticket sales for the event are doing great and progressing much faster than for previous Dutch events. We would advise you buy a ticket sooner rather than later to prevent any disappointment when they sell out.

Today we've made an update to the ticketshop. We have added village tents, tables and chairs that you can rent for the duration of the event. You can use them to build your village. The tents will be built and placed on the field before you arrive, allowing you to easily setup your village.

We've received a few questions relating to campervans on the field. There will be a limited number of camper places available in specific locations. Campers are not allowed outside these places. Tickets for campers will be distributed by our village team, but due to the limited number we're looking into a fair way of handing them out.

We are still looking for specific volunteers for the event. Do you like food, can you run a bar or do you know how to handle 2000 cars arriving in one day? Take a look at our vacancy page and get in touch if you think you can help.

SHA2017 Ticket Shop Open

We're happy to announce that the ticket shop for the SHA2017 is now open! You can find it at https://tickets.sha2017.org.

Most products have been made available with the opening of the ticket shop to give you the ability to buy everything right away. There will be a few additional products like village tents over time, but this is depending on arrangements with suppliers and availability. When there will be new products available, we will announce this separately, but you can buy your ticket already!

At this time we can accept SEPA/IBAN and Creditcard payments. We are working on adding the Dutch iDeal system as well.

If you don't like to sleep in a tent, we have blocked rooms in the hotel across the river. This is Postillion hotel at strand Nulder (Amersfoort, http://www.postillionhotels.com/en-gb/hotels/postillion-hotel-amersfoort-veluwemeer). You can use the code "sha2017" to reserve one of the blocked rooms (currently only through phone reservation).

If you want to be part of the SHA organization consider becoming a volunteer. If you want to give a lecture or workshop at SHA check out our CFP (https://sha2017.org/cfp).

Have fun at CCC 33c3 and keep on hacking anyway!

SHA2017 Update

Over the past few months we have been busy in the background organizing SHA2017. You might have seen a tweet or two, but besides that it has been rather quiet. In this blog post we want to give you an update from the orga.

First of all, please keep eye on the website during the 33C3 congress, because we will start selling tickets soon.

Call for Participation to SHA2017

SHA2017 (which is to happen on August 4th till 8th, 2017) is currently requesting proposals for participation, including content. A motley bunch of around 5000 hackers, free-thinkers, philosophers, activists, geeks, scientists, artists, makers, creative minds and others will convene from all over the world for this meeting to contemplate, reflect, share, discuss, criticise, look ahead, code, build, and more.