Call for Volunteers

August 3rd 2017

SHA2017 is almost here! And to run the event, everybody is more than welcome to help run the event in an angel shift. You get a nice feeling, satisfaction, smiles and a good meal in return. :) Almost no shifts need prior knowledge. So you can hop over to the volunteer desk in the infotent, sign up and start your shift. Most shifts include some short introduction before your shift, and you are off to go! 

There are some exceptions, that need more preparation. For example, the tickets, parking and press guidance angels have a general introduction at the start of the day. The fire angels have a kickoff meeting. During the camp we will also need Heralds, those awesome people that introduce the speakers on stage. We need a few more people who’d be willing to do this and other shifts. Have you been a Herald, press guide, ticket person, cable crimping, or bar person before or would you like to try? Please sign up in the Angel system

IMPORTANT: Some angeltypes are restricted, make sure that you have a valid email address set in your profile and the "Humans are allowed to send me an email" box is checked, so we can reach you!

We are currently looking for people who are generally helping with buildup, but this will change in the coming days!

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