Still field phoning Anyways

August 3rd 2017

This summer the Chaosvermittlung team is joining forces with POC to provide the best (field phone) service yet on an event...

As a lot of you were wondering what a field phone is and why do I want to have one if I already have a SIP/DECT phone ,we decided to provide a little management summary in this blog post.

Field phones are battery powered telephones without a dialing pad, connected to a central manual phone exchange.  To start your call you have to turn a crank on the side of the phone. An operator will be alerted, answer your call and you can tell him/her which field phone or DECT/SIP number you want to reach.

Now you know what field phones are, but you may still be wondering why you want to have such a device for your village. As mentioned above the phones are battery powered and as we have seen on the CCCamp2015, power cuts can happen. Therefore a power independent communication channel is a must have. Further more field phones are running on their own copper network and service is not dependant on IP connectivity, this in contrast to the SIP desk phones.

We hope we were able to explain what our project does and why you might want to bring a field phone for your village. See you at SHA2017!

Still field phoning anyways...

Your Chaosvermittlung
(subteam of POC)

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