One hackers failed project is another's awesome win!

July 30th 2017

hoardingEvery hacker we have ever come across has over 9000 half finished projects, gadgets that seemed cool but were really a fail, odd bits and bobs that might be useful one day, and piles and piles of random and useless^H^H^H^H useful stuff.

Let's be honest, you will never really use most of it, while there are many hackers outside that would love to get a chance to play with that old and dusty SpectraVision Orogonometric Globulazer™, revision B, yes the one that has the output pins swapped around. But how do you find that one person that will give your thingamajig it all the tender love, care and the WiFi upgrade it desperately needs?

Fear not, because now there is the SHA Hack-N-Swap-O-Rama! ( )

The rules are really simple :

  • Only bring what you can take away with you again if necessary.
  • Only buy/take what you can keep and carry home.
  • You must leave nothing behind!

All hackers visiting SHA 2017 are invited to bring old electronic components, mechanical parts, obsolete technology, abandoned projects, unwanted gimmicks, surplus acquisitions - anything hack-worthy to sell or swap with others!

The event will take place at the Hardware Hacking Area, Saturday 5th of August from 9:30 till 12:00. Tables are available to show off your stuff. No need to sign up, just show up, swap your stuff and take everything with you afterwards.

So bring your cool stuff, save the planet from extra waste and make someone really happy! 

This is just one of the awesome projects that will be on the campsite next week. Please have a look at the list if there is something that catches your interest. Most of them will be there for you to enjoy, but some (like the drone race, the model trains, or this Hack-N-Swap-O-Rama) are more interesting if you bring something with you in advance.

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