Answer to THE question: What is the amount of tickets sold?

May 27th 2017

One of the most asked questions of SHA2017 up until now is the amount of tickets that is sold. Historically, this data was not widely distributed.  The number of tickets sold at HIP/HAL/WTH/HAR/OHM/SHA was either completely unknown, guesstimated, kept secret or lost.

But with a new board comes the opportunity to do things differently. One of those things is to share the amount of ticket sold. And that will start today.

Currently 2027 tickets have been sold (payment received) and an additional 42 are pending. For a very good event, SHA needs to sell 3500 tickets. The budget for SHA is public: we need to raise about 1.1 million euro in total for 3500 visitors. This is not the upper limit, the terrain can handle maximum 5500 visitors. However, the orga focusses on the milestone of 3500 and scales up per 500 visitors. Having more visitors also means more organisation and organisers: those need to step forward too when scaling up.

Ticket sale for SHA started on the 28th of December 2016. Here is the graph until the 26th of May 2017:

Ticket Sale Graph SHA

Here is the graph with the available data from HAR 2009, OHM 2013:

Ticket Sale Graph with SHA, OHM and HAR

Of course it would be fancy to have that number live-updated in the ticket shop, but that costs some coding time in pretix. Until then updates will happen irregularly when someone with access to the numbers feels to run the ticket graph script again and upload the pictures.

In short: Come to SHA, enjoy the program, meet friends, make new friends, hack and have a good time!

If you have any questions or remarks regarding ticket sales: please share it at

You can buy your ticket here: - Thanks to the kind people buying more expensive tickets, budget tickets are still available.

Your friendly hacker-event board,

Elger, Attilla, Julius

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