Bring Your Own DECT: registration is open

July 10th 2017

The POC (also known as µPOC) is proud to announce that SHA2017 will have a DECT network throughout the site. We have been quite busy lately planning topologies and phone numbering plans, sourcing equipment and finalizing the whole setup.

  • Over 4,5 km of CAT5 UTP cables will be laid, in addition to the existing on-site cables 
  • Over 30 DECT Radio Base Stations will cover almost the entire camp area
  • Five Alcatel OmniPCX 4400 - Private Branch Exchanges (PBX)
  • Three fiber lines all over the field connecting the PBXs
  • Over 60 desk phones will be provided for the different teams.
  • Dial-out to several countries in the world, directly from your own DECT handset
  • Dial-in from the Netherlands and Germany to your personal number.

The estimated DECT coverage at SHA2017

Have phun with Dial-in and Dial-out

Got a friend who missed the last SHA ticket? Have an urgent question for someone attending SHA? Or just wanna tell your parents you are still alive? Obviously, SHA2017 needs to be reachable from the outside world. That is why we will provide several ways to get called when at SHA. 

Unfortunately, the Dutch dial-in numbers are somewhat limited. If you need one, you'll get assigned a Dutch dial-inn number by requesting* it for your extension during the event at the µPOC website. Dial-in numbers from other countries will be announced in the wiki.

* while stocks last

You will also be able to make calls to several countries like NL, DE, BE, FR, UK and US.

BYOD - Bring your own DECT handset

SHA takes place on a huge campus. You want to get in touch with other people? Arrange meeting points or tell a friend to order a pizza for you? Then bring your personal GAP-capable DECT handset with you. You can register your personal extension number at and let your chosen number be assigned to your DECT handset at the POC helpdesk in the Infodesk tent.

IMPORTANT: Although DECT and GAP are standards, PBX manufacturers tend to interpret the standards 'their way'. Please check the DECT Handset Compatibility List here.


So you forgot your DECT handset? Don't worry, you don't need to raid the next "red-blue" electronics store, we've got you covered. It will also be possible to connect to the SHA2017 telephony network via SIP.

You can register your personal SIP extension number at, assign it to an SIP-Account and connect your SIP client to our servers.

Any special questions?

If you have any special questions or issues regarding the POC, just write us an email to or visit us during the event at our POC backoffice tent.

Have fun, and see you at SHA2017!

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