Family Village: yes you can bring your parents to SHA2017

July 7th 2017

Want to play with other kids, have fun in the bouncy castle or play in the sand pit? Want to learn about crypto and making bombs? Bring your parents and join the family village!

We have three fields: one for you to sleep with your parents, brothers, and sisters (Babbage field); one field with a big tent for playing outside, playing inside and a place to just sit (Boole field); and one field with a big tent for workshops (Clarke Field). Of course, you are welcome everywhere on SHA2017, but the Family Village is a good place to start your adventures.

Julia Wolf
photo by Julia Wolf

Since parents are always tired in the evening and at night, we have good news for them: the family village is the quietest place of the entire SHA2017. The field used for sleeping (Babbage field) even has a noise level of 1, and yes, these numbers go up to 11 all the way at the other side of the camp on the Wozniak Field. At Babbage field, everybody is expected to be quiet after 21:00.

Whether you want to build a sand castle in the sand pit or a large bridge with Bamboestiek, we've got you covered! Like the rest of SHA2017, you can put your parents to work organising awesome activities for you and other children. For example, Anykey will bring an awesome solar-powered water and sand playbox. We are currently planning a few other projects, but we could really use some more hands to organise awesome activities. Parents willing to help out can head over to the wiki or #sha2017-family on IRC to join or start new projects.

Please tell your parents not to drop you off unattended at the Family Village, we do not offer childcare! There are many activities and things to do together with your parents. If they want to enjoy the event on their own, they could easily make friends with other parents and organise some informal child minding.

We hope to see you at SHA2017. If you are planning to stay with your parents, please have them sign up on the wiki so we know you are coming!

Photo by Mitch Altman

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