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May 3rd 2017

When the ticket shop opened for SHA 2017, there were no details about the looks for the merchandise at that moment. Today, we're gonna resolve this, by presenting the apparel design for SHA2017!



What is a hacker without a hoodie? The custom designed high quality SHA2017 zip-up hoodie features the SHA2017 inspired robot embroidered on the back, and SHA printed on the hood. It will have the SHA2017 logo flag on the sleeve. To make it extra special, it will also have a flag based hem label and aglets! The only thing that would make a hoodie like this better is some CYBER. And we thought of that! It can be found in the neck, where it is hidden from view when you wear it. It adds a little CYBER to your day when you put your hoodie on, just to make you feel even more special. You are in the know.

This hoodie will be dark gray, has 2 pockets and a zippered front and is available in both male and female models. Sizing table is at the bottom of this post.

hoodie Thumbnail


If the hoodie is too hot for you, there is also a T-shirt, in both male and female models. It is a nice rich black, with an all-over print. It will feature the SHA flag on the sleeve and on the hem. And of course: the T-shirt will also bring some CYBER in your clothing!

Before SHA2017, there was SHA1. And SHA1 has seen the light of day in 1995. This is celebrated on the back of this shirt, together with other broken cryptographic hash functions and some fitting remarks.


Be fast

Cool apparel like this takes some time to make. Therefore get your merch while the design is still hot! Your last chance to order one, two or ten of these awesome pieces is the 31st of May.  The sale of a small batch on the field for those without a pre-order might happen, but that depends on stock left over from pre-orders. If you want merch in your size, get it now!

Sizing table


Male hoodiemale T-shirt


female hoodie                   Female T-shirt

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