let's do the Halfnarp!

May 12th 2017

Good news everyone! The Call for Participation has resulted in hundreds of proposals and Team:Content has been able to process a sufficient number of them to start working on the preliminary schedule. And for that purpose, we want to borrow your minds, or to be more precise: your preferences. On Halfnarp we have collected the accepted proposals (though their acceptance has not necessarily been confirmed by the speakers yet). Through Halfnarp you can indicate which talks you would definitely like to see, so we can take your preferences into account when scheduling them. Of course, this won't guarantee a conflict-free schedule, but such is life. 

If you have proposed something and it's not on Halfnarp, it doesn't mean you have missed a rejection e-mail. Your proposal may be part of the remaining 20%. This is especially the case for workshops, as there are still a lot of workshop proposals that we have not yet acted upon, on top of using a different approach for workshops anyway. We're still determining the maximum capacity for workshops, between our two workshop tents and villages such as the Italian Embassy that have stepped up to offer space. Our hope is that other villages will volunteer to host workshops, so we may have sufficient capacity to host all the great proposed workshops.

Either way, let's do the Halfnarp!

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