Remaining SHA2017 tickets: 0

July 4th 2017

Two weeks ago we posted that 650 tickets were left when deciding the scale of SHA2017.
Today we've reached the maximum amount of tickets: SHA2017 is sold out!

The sales have been going much faster than everyone expected two weeks ago. Given the speed of the ticket sale, it is clear that there a large interest of people that still want to join. We do have the intention to scale up a bit more. But to do that, we have to look at the impact of this. Some factors are 

  • Is it still possible regarding the infrastructure? 
  • Can the orga / volunteers handle it? 
  • Can our suppliers scale up where necessary? 

Give us a few days to figure this out and we'll provide you with an update. Until that time, here is what you can do to help us:

  • If you still want to join SHA: sign-up on the waiting list in the ticketshop, it will help give an idea how many of you still want to join
  • The ticketshop will automatically make tickets available that are not paid in time, so you might be lucky
  • If you are a volunteer, but didn't order a ticket, we've made a reservation for you
  • There is a ticket exchange on the wiki:
  • Join the orga ( to support arranging and managing important facilities on site

We will keep you posted! 

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