SHA-Decoration build-day: Paint the town SHA2017

July 3rd 2017

The SHA terrain is an awesome field. But itLamp is a bit boring with only grass and water. That is why we want to improve it with decoration, and we need YOU to help us.

To "improve" the fields, we are working on a large amount of flags based on the SHA colors, signs, lights, Clouds™: so, information as well as general decoration! This is your chance to join in the fun preparing for the event, even before the first tent has been erected!

On July 8th Team:Decoration is organizing a build-day at Hack42 near Arnhem to prepare for the event. We'll be needing help with painting, sawing, sewing, screwing and hacking. If you are in doubt whether you will be useful: you will be, please come, no skills are required! Plus, it's going to be a lot of fun.

If you can hold a paintbrush or wire a lamp, great! If you can't, we'll teach you or find other things for you to do. The doors open at 10:00, and we'll continue till we are tired and/or satisfied. You are welcome to drop in at any time during the day. Please sign up in advance if you want to help out, it helps us plan the work, food and drinks. If you sign up beforehand, we can make sure we'll have lunch for you. Please sign up at

This is your chance to enjoy SHA as much as possible, do we see you then?

This is what we build during the last build-day:


 Location of Hack42:

  • Bureelgebouw Nieuw Vrijland
  • Koningsweg 31a
  • 6816 TG Arnhem

Time: July 8th 10:00


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