SHA2017 Badge Stretch goals!

May 31st 2017

ThumbnailA few weeks ago we announced that Badge 'is a go'. The positive response overwhelmed us so much that we immediately felt we needed to build more badges and make them more awesome. Building this many badges is hard work and we want to have some fun with this. Balancing the budget between more badges and more awesomeness is the most difficult problem we are challenged to solve. We would love to do both but for now, we have chosen more badges. There is, however, a way in which the badge can be more awesome, and for this, we'll need your help. In true kick-starting fashion, we are announcing stretch goals!

In short, we want to start with improving our campsite service and add cool stuff to the badge like an SD card slot, addressable LEDs, a vibe-motor for notifications, and an expansion header. These items are as cheap as chips. In bulk, the costs are near zero per piece. But all the cents add up to a lot of real money, money we don't have. Over the past month and a half, we have been hard at work changing parts on the badge to make space for these awesome updates.

We have already received several very generous donations, for which we thank you. Today, we can announce that we have already secured the first three stretch goals! We'd like to invite you to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of the hardware for the SHA2017 badge!

On-site DIP (Do it Professionally)  repair station   €400 << YAY GOAL REACHED! └ ツ ┘

  •  We get some nice soldering stations, a hot-air reflow station and assorted tools to help you with your badge. After the event, this setup will be donated to a Dutch hackerspace of choice to upgrade their soldering endeavors. Paying it forward to enable more hackers!

Expansion header and SD slot   €500  << YAY GOAL REACHED! └ ツ ┘

  • Want to add stuff to your badge? This badge has no hats or shields, but scarves! The expansion header makes this really easy. Just drape on your upgrade, write some code and go! The header contains a few GPIO's, power and most importantly: the data-out for the LEDs so you can connect even more of them! More storage is also possible with the addition of the SD card slot.

Stickers   €100  <<< YAY GOAL REACHED! └ ツ ┘Thumbnail

  • You thought the badge was awesome, but have you seen our stickers? We haven't, but they will be awesome and a very exclusive kit-only piece. There will be only one print run!

Vibe-motor   €1200

  • ThumbnailTo let you know when something is happening, we want to add a vibration motor to your kit. Solder it in place and get notified when your favorite talk is up (some coding might be required)!

LEDs  6xSK6812   €2400

  • ThumbnailSHA2017 loves colours. Six coloured bars for each sign, name, and activity based on its SHA1 hash. To celebrate this, we want to hand out 6 LEDs per badge. The SK6812 we'd like to supply has a nice additional feature: a white LED next to the red, green and blue we all love. Whether you want them for appreciating your SHA1 hash, a handy flashlight by night, or crazy disco mode in the lounge, these LEDs will surely brighten your day! The LEDs will be in your badge-kit for you to solder on the board yourself, at the on-site DIP.

More stretch goals will be improbable, although we are open to suggestions. If the total amount of donations exceed our €4000 euro goal we will give the remainder back to SHA2017 to fund more projects on camp!

(Please note that above pricing are best effort guesstimates. Please don't email us if we are dead wrong. If we have cash left over, we buy more cool stuff for the badge, deal?)

Want to join in?

Yes you can! Now is your chance! Whatever your budget, we will be able to handle your crowdfunding craves! In return, we promise to send you extra love and sign your badge during the event (if you want us to). A hug from our awesome teamlead Kartoffel is also an option (only if you have showered!)!

Crowd-funded donations can be made using the SHA2017 ticketshop and can be found under specials here. If you've already bought a ticket, you can still donate!

Also: we're still open for corporate sponsorship. If your company is interested in sponsoring the badge project via cash donation (we send you an invoice), please contact us. In return we have a spot for your logo on the website, booklet and, for more generous donations, on the boot-screen of the badge. Another option is to sponsor the bag the badge comes in. Your logo handed out to every visitor at the camp! We also challenge you to write an awesome app for the badge! Please contact us through badge@sha2017.orgWe want to thank the sponsors who helped us reach this point!

Want to help in another way?

We're still looking for a few more developers to join our intrepid crew. If you can code and you can git commit like the best of them, we need you. Join the #sha2017-badge channel on Freenode to have a chat with us. Early access to the badge boards and an awesome time at our Hekketons (like a Hackathon but without the free pizza) will be in your future!

Also we will host a weekend, probably early July, to assemble all the badge kits. We'll keep you posted on that if we need extra hands.

Want to own one of these awesome badges?

Buy a SHA2017 ticket :)

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