Staying clean & healthy during SHA2017

July 25th 2017

Just as your network equipment during SHA2017 your own body ventures into a new and unknown land. With people from all over the world meeting, we have a wonderful exchange of ideas, and of other things you might not think of. Just as in daily life, it’s worth to pay attention to hygiene and protection. For your devices, and for yourself! 


Common sense goes a long way in keeping yourself clean and healthy. Actually, it’s easier than being safe on the network. Wash your hands after using the toilet & before you eat, drink enough water (when you think it’s enough, have another bottle), store your food in a fridge, prepare it correctly and cook it properly. If you don’t trust it, don’t connect^H^H^H^H^H^H^Heat it. 

We put great pride in our sanitary facilities, but to offer clean toilets and showers we also need your help.
Rule 1: don’t make a mess, leave it as you would like to find it. Rule 2: if it’s dirty and awful, call Team Volunteers (VLNT on the DECT system) to report is. Rule 3: don’t do laundry or wash fruit or dishes in the toilets and showers. 

If you become ill during the camp, please visit our doctors in the First Aid tent or talk to our First Aid crew on the fields (or dial 2222). We want to know, and we will help you get better and prevent contamination. Our team is constantly checking all the food-outlets, Villages etc and you can always ask us for advice.  

Do you have a medical problem or using medication, please come to the first aid tent and let our doctors know. Medical confidentiality is in the law in the Netherlands, so don’t worry about giving your secret key to them. They would not know what to with it anyway, but they can help your body survive SHA2017. We have a fridge, with limited space and no warranty. If you have medical equipment that needs power to function, bring a UPS, as we cannot guarantee permanent power. 

The best DDOS attack on a Summer camp is a failure to take care of yourself. Not sleeping enough, not enough water.. keeping an eye on your body is like checking for network activity and processes on your own equipment. It’s routine maintenance and it will make sure you can make the most out of SHA2017. 

Do you want to know more about keeping you and your devices healthy during SHA? Find more info here.

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