Talk announcement: How hackers could have hacked all Dutch elections since 2009

April 3rd 2017

On March 31st our CFP closed. While our content team is busy, we want to announce a few talks that have already been accepted. The full program will be presented in the coming months, when the content team has rated all submissions.

The first talk what we're announcing is "How hackers could have hacked all Dutch elections since 2009" by Sijmen Ruwhof.

In this talk Sijmen will present his finding on the security of the Dutch voting system and the software that is used. It started with a tip that the current Dutch electoral software used weak SHA1 cryptography in certain parts of its system, but leaded to chilling conclusions that even influenced the way the last Dutch elections where handled, just last month.

During his research he was quickly able to find various important security mistakes in a short timespan. These security mistakes made it very easy to tamper with the election results. Based on the research, the Dutch government dumped the voting software. This talk will elaborate on found security errors and on the different attack scenario's that are possible.

Sijmen Ruwhof works as a freelance IT security consultant and ethical hacker for major banks and corporations in The Netherlands. Come see his talk at SHA2017!

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