Talk announcement: Off Grid: Disclosing your 0days in a videogame mod

May 15th 2017

Today we are presenting a new accepted talk from Rich Metson about his upcoming hacking game, "Off Grid ", and how it can be used when new bleeding edge exploits are found.  It is one of the many talks you can find in the the halfnarp. There you can vote on the first set of accepted talks and workshops. This will be used to optimise the SHA2017 schedule.

ThumbnailOff Grid is a different kind of hacking game. It was original meant to be centered around data security. But it has grown into be an adventure, satire and stealth game. Its mishap antihero is oblivious to the city's prying and spying, corporate-sponsored government until a series of dark events unfold.

Off Grid Intro

It is a third person stealth / hacking game that enables people to tell new and interesting stories about hacking and surveillance, create new hacking tools in the game, and who knows even drop a 0day or two for real.... The game logic runs on Lua under the hood. All the computers that are hackable in the game, whether desktop PCs or IoT devices like smart light bulbs, are their own Lua VMs. This allows modders and hackers to create their own hackable devices, hacking tools, and data types. This flexibility allows anyone to model real life applications or cutting edge hacks in the game. It is so far developed, that it is possible that when you find a bleeding edge exploit, instead of writing a white paper, you could model it in a mod and pass it on for people to play with! 


'Off Grid' is the debut game from indie developer duo Rich Metson and Pontus Schönberg, under the flag of game studio Semaeopus. It's first ever public unveiling of Off Grid in was in June 2013, and happened nearly 64 years after the publishing of 1984, and the same week that Edward Snowden made his first leak. Expanding on a talk given at Electromagnetic Field Camp last year, about Iot vulnerabilities as a game design method, Rich will give a live demo and talk you through Off Grid, and show how the moddable API he and his co-devs have been developing can be used. You can see the trailer here.  Come see his talk at SHA2017!


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