Talk highlight: "DNA: the code of life" & "Human body as an electric IO system"

June 12th 2017

This week's talk highlight features two biological themed talks: Bert Hubert's talk about 'DNA: the code of life' and Loek Gijben about 'Human body as an electric IO system, hacking your brain and other body parts.'.

DNA is mostly explained in terms of 4 bases and by other biochemical processes. But Bert Hubert found that it is just as good, or even better explained in terms of code. In his talk, he will talk about how the four bases in DNA (T, C, G and A) can be seen as the base of a  quaternary programming language. The code that is written in this language, forms the literary code of life. DNA has concepts like position independent code, conditional compiling, and even dead code and clearly marked comments. 
Bert is an entrepreneur & software developer. He sometimes contributes to science, and cares a lot about innovation, nutrition & health, and writes about DNA Sequencing. 

Loek Gijben's talk considers the human biology from a different angle. Can you imagine that you can interact directly with a computer, not with a keyboard or a mouse, but with your eyes and your brain? Loek will talk about the dream that some people have of connecting directly to a computer to expand the processing power that humans have. His talk will mainly focus on the brain and how it can be used as an electrical input and output system. He will tell what is possible and the possibility in the future. But he will also highlight what is impossible and therefore comfort some of the people, but also shatter hope for some of the more fantastical concepts.

Do you want to know more about DNA as a biological language? Or about humans as an input system? Come see these talks at SHA2017!

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