The SHA Poster. Regardless of XYZ, Still Hacking Anyway!

June 23rd 2017

This is the poster to promote SHA2017. Before we dive in, let's take a look:


This poster has been handed out at various hacker events, SHA orga meetings and hackerspaces. If you want one, you might get your hands on one during SHA or a meeting. Otherwise, the design files are below!

Design considerations

Since everything is colored, the first thing that stands out is the shrug and SHA2017. At the top is a list of noisy and colored words that you probably skipped reading. This is intentional: the event is called "still hacking anyway", so it focuses on hacking.

But if you'd read it, we can spend time discussing each and every word on the list. They are all excellent distractions from hacking. But it's more important to notice that some subjects are _not_ on the list. One import omission is "ethics". Ethics are as important as they are both expressed and implied. Learning about hacker ethics can be done on Wikipedia, here.

The numbers and colors in the list, as well as the six colors at the bottom of the poster, come from applying the SHA-1 hash function to the words. This is explained in the "SHA-1 is made for design" blogpost. At the bottom of the poster there are some facts about the event and a small puzzle.

We can go on and on but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Just come to SHA and participate in hacking at it's finest. And whatever you do, keep hacking.

Get your tickets here.

Source files

The poster is in A2 format, with 3mm bleed and 3mm margin. The print version is a large JPEG, but the source is a Photoshop file.

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