Thinking inside the box

June 13th 2017

What's it like to sleep in a Kartent? I can't actually tell you that, but I can tell you what I know. Because we were generously given a Kartent to use for a short and silly promotional video. And so we had to set it up and try it out.

First of all, it was kind of heavy. I could not have carried the box by myself since it's big and unwieldy and weighs in at 16 kilos. But it's easy enough to carry if you have an extra pair of hands. We opened the box, and that's when the good part started. It was easy to set up, especially with that extra pair of hands. If you've ever built anything from Ikea, you should have no problem at all with your Kartent; and if you haven't, you should be fine too. The instructions inside the box are clear. Once the Kartent was set up, it was not at all hard to transport it. You can just pull it along behind yourself and it will glide over the grass.

Moving a cartent

layout And the best part was getting inside. It's so cosy! The cardboard is very thick, so it's very dark inside; that should make it easy for you to sleep, even in the daytime. It's well insulated, and I expect it to stay cool in the sun, much more so than most fabric tents. And of course, if it gets hot outside, you can easily tape one of those silvery rescue blankets over the roof and have an awesome futuristic reflective space tent. The thick cardboard floor already feels nice all by itself: perfect underground for a sleeping mat.

When you were a child, were you ever given a box from a large appliance to play in? A Kartent is like that once you're inside. Except it's big enough for your grown-up self to stretch out in. Long story short: I think the Kartents will be cosy and comfortable and make for a great place to sleep at camp.

Sweet dreams!


Want to sleep in a Kartent during SHA2017? Get yours here and pick it up on the field!


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