Villages update

June 21st 2017

tl;dr We will have to place a binding order for all rented tents. All tents ordered via the ticketshop have to be paid by June 29th.
Please put more information on your village in the wiki so we can plan better!

Update your Villages-Wiki-Page!

As most people who've been to a hackercamp before know, it is possible to organise with people of similar interest. These locations are called villages. Many people have already registered their villages on the wiki (101 and counting), and that is great!  However, the actual village pages feel quite empty. So please open the wiki page of your village and put in more information. Make sure to fill in all the fields in the form as this makes planning for us so much easier. Some of the important fields are:

  • overview of the villages and their current locationsSpecial vehicles: will you bring one? Please send us a mail to register it (mandatory)*.
  • Estimate or calculate the floorspace for all your tents/installations in square meters.
  • Select preferred field and location. Fields automatically calculate their occupation percentage**.
  • Join a cluster*** if you would like to.

We from Team:Villages are trying to make sure everybody gets the location that fits them best, but we need your help. So if you haven't registered or filled in all the information on your village form yet, please do so soon! While you are at it, also set the village-property in your profile. That automatically adds you to the respective villages-page as a member of that village.

That also helps other visitors to find related villages and people with similar interests.

Renting tents

As we are getting closer to the event we need to place our final order for village-tents at the tent supplier. Therefore, the tent option will be removed from the ticket shop on June 25th. After that date, we can't accept new orders for tents. All pending orders that have not been paid on the 29th will be discarded.

So please, if you want to rent a tent for your village/project via us, hurry up. The same goes if you did order, but didn't have the chance to pay yet. 

Since the ticket shop does not allow to specify a village or location for your ordered tent to be set up, we will have link your order to your village manually.  If you ordered a tent, you will receive an email from the team:villages, asking for your village and the preferred location.

Arriving and Buildup

As you can see in the FAQ, we have a rather short time-window for buildup. So we build a tool to help distribute the arrival of vehicles that need to enter the field. Please take a look at your user page in the wiki, and add a timeslot if you want to enter the field. An overview of those timeslots can be seen here:
If you want to enter the field before the 2nd of August you need to register as a build-up volunteer in the Engelsystem****. 

Along these lines we are looking forward to amazing villages, many volunteers helping with the initial build up of the infrastructure and a wonderful camp. See you there!

Your Team:Villages

* If we are not aware of them in time, we cannot guarantee that they can access the field. They need to be included in the permit and that takes time. 
** Unfortunately some of the numbers for the field-sizes are still mock-ups. We are working on the map to get the real values ASAP.
*** conglomerate of more than one village.
**** We expect that people that arrive early will help with the general build-up of the event infrastructure.

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