While deadlines are whooshing by: Extra t-shirts and hoodies!

June 10th 2017

Last week we closed the ticket shop for T-shirts and Hoodies. The reasoning for this is that they have been ordered in large numbers and they now actually have to be made, go through Q&A and transported to The Netherlands.

While we have communicated this multiple times, we all like hearing the sound of deadlines whooshing by. After we closed the shop we got numerous requests if it was still possible to order a shirt and/or hoodie. Because of these requests, we ordered a limited number of t-shirts and hoodies extra. They are only available in the most sold sizes and you can now order them in the shop.

The sale of this last batch starts now. We cannot guarantee how long they will be available, so if you still want to get one, this is really the last chance you have!

If there are shirts and hoodies left on the field, they might be sold there at the last minute. But that will be the leftover sizes, so don't count on it and get your preferred shirt and hoodie now. Because you're worth it! 

Sizing table


Male hoodiemale T-shirt


female hoodie                   Female T-shirt

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