July 14th 2017

A lot has happened since the last time we've told you about the official SHA2017 badge. We have some awesome news to share with you today! 

The badge is fully funded and ALL the stretchgoals have been reached!Badge

A few weeks ago we started a crowdfunding campaign to secure more awesome parts, such as an SD-slot, a vibration motor and, most importantly, the SK6812 RGBW LEDs. Today we're proud to announce you'll get it all! 

Thanks to your generous donations, combined with two new sponsors, we were able to fully stock your badge-kit with these cool goodies. The LEDs and motors will be in the kit, not on the board, so bring a soldering-iron and be ready for the SHA Blinkenlights! The more difficult SD slot and expansion header will be pre-mounted. 

Badge is in production

Another big step was taken this week. An exciting and terrifying period has come. For us, that is. We gave the manufacturer the go-ahead to start mass production of the badge boards. They are optimizing their process for the badge, and hopefully, we'll have the boards here at our side of the planet somewhere next week.Fingers crossed!

Start the Badge experience early

An electronic badge is a paperweight without awesome software. The base firmware and the microPython are coming together at breakneck speed, but we also would love to see some apps to give the SHA badge a running start. This is where you come in. 

Therefore we are releasing a beautiful badge-emulator,  together with the software repository we will use for the event, the Hatchery.  

Get your microPython on and make awesome stuff we can all enjoy at ! 

badge kitBadge "Sweatshop"

As you are reading this, the boards are in production. All the other bits that are part of the badge-kit are already in place (battery, bag, flyer, display, lanyard, etc etc). This weekend about 3600 kits will be put together by a group of 18 awesome volunteers!

We plan to do a second 'sweatshop' (as we like to call it) to mount the displays, flash the boards and package them in the bags we previously made. The date for this will be announced soon but is dependant on the manufacturer, shipping company, and the Dutch customs officials. We will need a lot of hands for this: we estimate about 16 hackers are needed. We'll let you know!


The 8th of August at 14:55 we will give a presentation on the badge on the No Stage. We intend to highlight a few awesome apps, hacks, and projects people have come up with for the badge. 

So, starting from NOW up until 08-08 08:08, every submission to the hatcherygithubwikiirc or twitter will take part in the contest. It will be evaluated to see if it merits special attention. 
There will be several categories, which will remain secret until the talk. 
There might even be a few prizes. So please join us at the Badge Talk and share a few laughs with us!

That's it for team Badge now. We're very excited (and just slightly terrified)! See you at SHA2017 (or at one of our sweatshop-days!)

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