Food, drinks and vla!

July 19th 2017

A camp needs good food and drinks. For SHA2017, this will take the shape of three bars and a food court! There are a lot of choices, so today we will go a bit more in detail in the "horeca" of SHA2017.

First of all, the bars. There will be three places where you can get yourself a fresh ClubMate, a soft drink, a hot beverage like tea or coffee or an alcoholic drink like beer or wine. These bars are distributed over the fields and are themed:

  • Badge bar - Badge hacking and drinksThumbnail
    Location: the badge and bar hacking tent  on Torvalds field
    Bar open from noon until midnight

  • Silent Lounge bar - Recharge quietly from all event hectics
    Location: next to the harbour on Hopper field
    Bar open between 1PM and 1AM

  • Main bar - Serving Hackers Always
    Location: next to the stages on Goldwasser field
    Bar opened 24 hours per day

truckThe main bar will be part of the food court. This is a central area where you can think of your internal hacker. Besides the bar, there will be a lounge, a shaded central area with plenty of seating space, and a variety of food trucks. 

The food trucks will sell specialized food. For example snacks like fresh fruits (eat your apple), hot waffles and cold ice cream, but also breakfast options like sandwiches with egg or bacon.  There will be some international foods like Asian wok bowls, pastas, and BBQ. There will be a truck that specialized in vegan food, and some other trucks will also have vegetarian options. 

And not to mention there will be some typical Dutch foods. One truck will sell fresh sweet and savory pancakes. A traditional snack bar will sell fries. And especially for those who enjoy this special part of the dutch cuisine, it will be possible to get vla! 

We hope to welcome you in the SHA2017 bars and food court. Eet smakelijk!


The food for volunteers will be in a separate area, where there will be hot food waiting for everybody who does one or more shifts.

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